An insight at the next version of Tagaini

Even though I'm slow releasing new versions, I'll try to keep users more informed about what is going on. The following video is about the main feature of 0.2.5, that will almost be released for it. It is a new way of finding and inputing kanji that you don't know anything about, as long as you are able to identify one or several of its components. Watch the video below to see it in action (in HQ or you won't see anything).

It looks like a radical selector, excepted it is much more powerful (works with any component, not a limited set of radicals) and faster to use because the list of potential components is refreshed in real-time. Therefore it is probably the fastest way to find an unknown kanji for anyone with a only basic understanding of kanji.

Comments and suggestions are welcome - the feature is not available yet, but 0.2.5 should not be too long to come considering the current state of things.


The fastest way for advanced

The fastest way for advanced users who know the stroke order basics and have a Tablet PC will probably still be the Tablet PC Input Panel (TIP), but this is still wonderful news and it'll surely come in handy when one doesn't have the possibility of handwritten input... Good job!


Great, much more faster than searching through real dictionary, and one of the best implementation in Linux.


An excellent feature and and the best implementation of it I have seen yet, mind you the only other program I've seen that does this was a j-j dictionary for the iphone.

I suppose I should also say thank you for this wonderful software; thank you.

Really great idea ! I'm

Really great idea !

I'm looking forward to it as it looks way better than the IME drawing tool to search for kanjis.