The second release candidate for 0.2.5 is available. I decided to run a second rc cycle because it features many changes compared to rc1 (more than 50 commits) and also to give a last chance for external contributors to update the documentation and translations. I have stopped maintaining the French translation, so anyone who wants to take over is welcome to contact me. Other translations awaiting maintainers are German, Spanish, Russian (and maybe Dutch?). Translating is nothing difficult, and does not require any technical skill - just the ability to translate sentences from English to another language.

It is getting increasingly difficult for me to maintain all the stuff related to Tagaini (website, packaging, etc.) so if you can, please consider contributing if you can (see ). Failing to build a community around Tagaini will result in degraded releases (like the French translation not being available or the documentation not being up-to-date), which I would like to avoid but unfortunately is beyond my control.

0.2.5 final will probably be released at the beginning of next week. By the meantime, please get this release at and report any problem that is not listed below.

The list of changes with respect to rc1 include:

  • Radical and component kanji selectors have been improved and work much more consistently;
  • In order to avoid repeating the fiasco of rc1, Tagaini can now start even if the user database is corrupted. In this case, it will do so on a temporary database that is created from scratch. In the preferences window, the user can also get the path to the user database file and recreate it from scratch;
  • Lists are 100% complete, with print ability;
  • Menus moved into their relevant widget when relevant;
  • Fixed some inconsistencies when non-kanji characters were displayed in the results list
  • Radical information now displayed in the detailed view - yes, Tagaini finally support radicals!

Things that are broken and I will attempt to fix for the final release, probably due by the end of this week/beginning of next:

  • User manual link is not working on Windows
  • Under Windows, popups do not close when clicking outside them, which is not really handy for the radical/component input systems.