Tagaini Jisho 0.2.6rc2 released

A second release candidate for 0.2.6 has been released. Although it was not expected in the first place, many bugs were reported against rc1 and many changes have been performed to the build system, hence this new test version to ensure everything is fine on all platforms. You can download it here:


We are particularly expecting feedback from Mac users since they are the first to experience packages built using CPack, the CMake packaging facility. CPack should make our release manager's lives much easier, but our CPack-built packages need testing. Other platforms are still using the old packaging scripts and are therefore not affected, but we would greatly appreciate if Mac users could report their experience regardless of success or failure on the forum or mailing list. Note that this RC requires OSX 10.6 to work, although we will try to make 0.2.6 compatible with 10.5 at least.

0.2.6 will be released between august 16th and august 20th, so please test this version as much as possible and report your experience. Also please don't hesitate to submit translations of the interface in your language using Qt Linguist and the translation templates you can find here: