There are many different ways to contribute to Tagaini Jisho. If you are interested in one of these roles, please join the mailing list for discussion.

If you don’t want/cannot apply for any of these roles but still want to support Tagaini, then making a donation is another option.


Writing the code is only half of the work involved when doing software. Making it available to users is the second half. The binary package for their platform being the first contact users have with the software, it is essential to have it done properly and in time.

Windows binaries packager

The windows binaries packager is in charge of producing a nice installer for Windows users. The choice of the installer software is yours, as long as it is free software.


  • Good knowledge of the Windows platform,
  • Ability to compile Tagaini from source (Qt, Python, mingw required),
  • Experience with installers,
  • Willingness to produce binary packages on time for releases.

Mac binaries packager

The mac packager is responsible for producing and maintaining DMG images for all Mac users. The package must be universal binary and follow the look-and-feel of any Mac application.


  • Good knowledge of the Mac platform,
  • Ability to compile Tagaini from source (Qt, Python, Xcode installed),
  • Willingness to produce binary packages on time for releases.

Linux binaries packager

A Linux packager makes and maintains nice packages for his/her favorite Linux distribution. It is even better is these packages can be made part of the official distribution repositories.


  • Good packaging experience,
  • Be willing to respond to problems related to your packages,
  • Willingness to produce binary packages on time for releases.

Translations and Documentation

User interface translation

Tagaini’s user interface can easily be translated by anyone who understand English and can write into another language. UI translations can be done on Transifex or using the Qt Linguist software.


  • Be fluent and able to write without obvious mistakes in the target language,
  • Be willing to update translations in a short delay before releases.

Documentation writing and translation

Having a good documentation is essential both for new users who are discovering a totally unknown software and for longer-time users who want to discover the features introduced in new versions. Maintaining the documentation means keeping it up-to-date with the current state of development, in documenting the new features during the beta/release candidate cycle. This means you will have to use the development versions.

Documentation is available in the doc/ directory of the git repository and is written using the Markdown syntax. Then HTML pages are generated and included with binary releases and put on the website for reference.


  • Be a fluent and enthusiast user,
  • Use the development versions and be reactive enough to update the documentation during the beta/rc cycle (usually a couple of weeks).