Tagaini Jisho is and will remain Free Software. This means you will always be able to download, use and modify it, and contribute your modifications back for the benefit of the community.

However, Tagaini has a cost in terms of time, efforts and sometimes even money for its developer. You can show your support and encourage Tagaini’s future development by making a donation - even small amounts are greatly appreciated.

Please click on the button below or scan the QR code to go to the Paypal donation page.

Users of crypto-currencies can also send donations to the following addresses:

  • Bitcoin: 14nWSb4Y57M74wDf6r8eNEp7g4w7QtTmt2
  • Litecoin: LLWXirmSTc8JiWnmqLqvap8hKYWtuZTeNH

If you prefer to contribute by giving some of your time, you can have a look at the development page for areas that need your help.