Here you can download the latest version of Tagaini Jisho for your platform. If you like Tagaini, please consider showing your support by making a donation!


Windows installer binaries are available for any decently recent version of Windows.


Mac OS X binaries are available. Two versions are proposed: one that requires Mac OS X 10.6 (Mountain Lion) or later and a 64 bits system, another for older systems. It is a good idea to enable Japanese support. If your Mac is older, you can still use the older universal binary.

The (hopefully) latest version of Tagaini should also be available from Macports.

Debian / Ubuntu / Redhat

Pre-built packages are available on our Github releases page.

Arch Linux

An AUR package is available for Arch users:

Source code / Linux or any other Qt5-supported platform

Hackers can get the source code of the latest release to play with on our Github releases page.

The source repository with the latest development code is also available on Github.

The file contains information about how to build the software.