Tagaini Jisho 0.9 "Fukkatsu" released

At long last, after more than one year without a stable release, Tagaini enters the final lap with the release of the 0.9 "Fukkatsu" version!

Although this version is not a fundamental breakthrough, it brings lots of changes under the hood. Databases are better organized, which makes it reasonnable to have only one release for all languages (and not one installer per language version because of duplicated data). Searching and viewing entries should be smoother, with the interface displaying results as you type and the results list not being paged anymore. Lists are much faster and secure. SQLite does not need to be embedded anymore, and the system's SQLite can be used if present.

The most visible change for international users will be the number of new languages the interface is translated to. Thanks to many contributors from Transifex, Tagaini is now available in English, French, German, Czech, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Norvegian, Russian, and even... Japanese! This unfortunately only concerns the GUI, as the dictionary is only partially translated in French and Russian for the vocabulary, and French and Spanish for kanji meanings. But we are also about to see some movement about the dictionary contents, so stay tuned here if you are interested.

Future wise, the core code of Tagaini starts to be solid enough to think about new exciting features. One of the biggest challenges we will have to respond to is the switch to mobile devices. 3 years ago Tagaini offered the option to print booklets for studying anywhere, but this is not really relevant anymore now that everyone owns a smartphone. Although there is no plan to stop the desktop version (because some of the features just cannot be exploited on a phone or tablet), it is a legitimate demand of users today to be able to access their data ubiquitously - this means your study data, lists, and so on. So expect something to happen there too, although it is difficult to know when.

Oh, and Tagaini now also have a Google+ page! Go and +1 it! And of course don't forget to download 0.9!

Tagaini Jisho 0.9rc2 released

After almost one year without release, and one phantom rc, 0.9 is finally around the corner! This release candidate should be the last before stable 0.9 is released, and is mostly here to ensure everything is fine and to allow translators to update their strings.

From the user perspective, 0.9 should not make a big change excepted for heavy lists users. It has, however, changed a lot internally, and paved the way towards more exciting new features. It also updates the dictionaries to their latest versions.

Despite the lack of development activity, the user base has more than doubled in the last year, and Tagaini has been recognized in various places. It is now time to leverage our community and to make sure Tagaini continues on this way to become the best free Japanese assistant available. Is there any feature you would like to see? Dive into the code and send a patch! Do you want to see Tagaini translated in your native language? Join one of the translations teams on Transifex! Do you have a fantastic idea, but not the necessary time or coding skills? Share it on our mailing list! And of course, report any issue you encounter with this version to make 0.9 as good as possible!

Stupid spammers

Due to repeated spam, comment and forum posting are disabled for a yet undetermined time. We hope to make them available again shortly. By the meantime, feel free to use the mailing list for communication.

Tagaini Jisho 0.9.0 beta 2 released


Beta 2 shortly follows beta 1 which has been withdrawn because of a possible data loss bug. This release fixes this bug and restores the ability to change set a sub-list as the root of the lists view. This is now done by double-clicking the list, while the renaming option which was previously mapped to double-click has been moved into the right click menu.


The migration problem having been fixed and no other major problem reported for beta 1, this release should be pretty safe to play with. Please try it and report your experience!

Tagaini Jisho 0.9.0 beta 1 released

Edit : version withdrawn because of possible data loss. Beta 2 will soon be available. 

These last months have been very quiet, but you know what it means - he who speaks, doesn't code; he who codes, doesn't speak. More than 200 commits have been performed on Tagaini's repository to pave the way for the 0.9 series, and you are about to give it your first try.

Much of the changes for this first beta are internal, and although you will not notice much change on the interface, please trust me that they are here. The database layer has been completely rewritten and database interaction is now much cleaner, which should get rid of some occasional bugs.

More noticeable, the hierarchical lists system has been completely rewritten following an initial idea by Tracy to use a special type of red-black trees. The result is a total success, since operations on lists are now much faster and their storage much less error-prone. The RBTree implementation heavily uses templates and is generic enough to be able to handle both in-memory and in-database trees, with transactions support for the latter. It has been heavily tested already, and there are test units for it, so it should be safe to use. Be aware that root changing in the GUI does not work yet.

On the GUI side, paging in the results view has been abandonned in favor of on-demand loading of entries. The advantage is that search results are fetched much more quickly and that the interface is simplified. On the other hand it may sometimes make things less smooth on the GUI side, since entries are loaded by the main thread as needed. All this makes a good excuse to write a faster entry loader, or a threaded pre-fetcher.

Another long-awaited feature on the work is support for example sentences of the Tatoeba project, but this is not in this release yet.

So please download, test and report your experience on this version. Be careful as the user database upgrades make it impossible to go back to - so if you use it, I strongly advice you use Program -> Export user data before doing the upgrade and backup the database file, "just in case".


Source and Windows binaries are available, Mac binaries are on the way and should be there soon.

Also, you won't be without noticing that the website has been lifted up - big thanks to Axel for this. Hopefully we will be able to improve it further and make it better in its role to spread the Tagaini love.

Speaking of love, those of you who have a Flattr account can express it by clicking on the Flattr button in the right sidebar of the site. It still displays a very disgraceful '0' since its introduction some weeks ago.

Hopefully this version will prove stable enough so that the next issue will be about 0.9.0 final. Plenty of things will happen in this series, so please stay tuned and report your experience, wishes and ideas!