Tagaini Jisho released

The latest bug-fix release of 0.2.6 is now available:


It includes the Kana selector fix that was broken in as well as some other improvements including a Czech translation of the GUI.

Tagaini Jisho released

A bug-fix release of 0.2.6 is available for download. This fixes a couple annoying bugs, including the kana selector always appearing on program startup.


Edit: release withdrawn as it made things worse than 0.2.6.

Tagaini Jisho 0.2.6 released

A stabilization of the 0.2 series, this release brings improved ordered lists, a new kana selector widget that allows beginners to study kana characters, HTML/Javascript export of entries suitable for doing flashcards on mobile phones, German translation of the user interface, a nicer detailed view, a much improved build system that uses the best of both CMake and CPack, a new icon theme, and many others improvements and fixes. Although minor releases may still occur in this branch, the development effort will be concentrated on the 0.9 series.

A lot of work has also been done in order to improve the build system, with great results so far. Third-party data are now downloaded transparently, the build process is now flawless on both Linux and Mac, and CPack integration makes it easy to produce Mac, Debian or RPM packages from the source code.

Tagaini Jisho 0.2.6 can be downloaded at http://www.tagaini.net/download

Tagaini Jisho 0.2.6rc2 released

A second release candidate for 0.2.6 has been released. Although it was not expected in the first place, many bugs were reported against rc1 and many changes have been performed to the build system, hence this new test version to ensure everything is fine on all platforms. You can download it here:


We are particularly expecting feedback from Mac users since they are the first to experience packages built using CPack, the CMake packaging facility. CPack should make our release manager's lives much easier, but our CPack-built packages need testing. Other platforms are still using the old packaging scripts and are therefore not affected, but we would greatly appreciate if Mac users could report their experience regardless of success or failure on the forum or mailing list. Note that this RC requires OSX 10.6 to work, although we will try to make 0.2.6 compatible with 10.5 at least.

0.2.6 will be released between august 16th and august 20th, so please test this version as much as possible and report your experience. Also please don't hesitate to submit translations of the interface in your language using Qt Linguist and the translation templates you can find here:


Tagaini Jisho 0.2.6rc1 released

The first release candidate for the upcoming 0.2.6 version is available. Since no deep changes have been introduced, it is probably safe for all users to try it. Some rough edges are still present, but they only concern new features.


The biggest change of this release is the introduction of HTML/CSS templates for the detailed view, which will on the long term allow to customize how information is displayed. Changing them is not easy for the end user yet, but it is the first step in this direction. Also, if you think you can improve the layout of the current templates, please don't hesitate to discuss it on the mailing list or forum!

A new export format has also been introduced, that outputs a single HTML file containing all the entries of a list or search result. This file uses Javascript to propose list review but also basic flashcards. If you want to practice on your iPhone or Android device, you may want to consider this. This feature is not 100% complete yet, but is already working. The HTML file is also a template, so users are encouraged to submit improvements.

Some improvements have also been brought to the lists feature introduced in 0.2.5. Kanji stroke orders (both animations and printed output) have also been augmented with the ability to display the stroke numbers.

People who want to contribute translations can now try them by putting them into the i18n subdirectory of the directory where Tagaini has been installed. Please note that if you want to update the translation file of your preferred language for 0.2.6, this is the moment to do it! Updated translation templates to complete with Qt Linguist or any compatible translation software are available here: