Documentation updated

Thanks to the great job by Neil Caldwell, Tagaini now has an up-to-date and extensive user manual, which will be integrated into future releases.

Neil did not stop there since he also turned the previous documentation into a quick start guide and also wrote an extensive installation manual with details about how to configure your system properly in order to enjoy Tagaini. Hopefully all these nice documents will be updated and further improved as new versions are released.

Thanks, Neil!

An insight at the next version of Tagaini

Even though I'm slow releasing new versions, I'll try to keep users more informed about what is going on. The following video is about the main feature of 0.2.5, that will almost be released for it. It is a new way of finding and inputing kanji that you don't know anything about, as long as you are able to identify one or several of its components.

Tagaini Jisho 0.2.4 released

The long-due 0.2.4 release of Tagaini Jisho is finally available. This release has been baked for months in order to provide much more polished preferences and tons of new features. Amongst them are full wildcard search support, automatic filtering of some entries according to their properties (e.g. obsolete words), hiragana/katakana agnostic search, training on a given results set, improvements in the kanji strokes rendering and navigation, support for SKIP code search, an improved score calculation algorithm, a Dutch translation of the GUI, and much more.

0.2.397 beta version released

So, it's time for another beta release! Not many changes in this one (although the kanjis popup outline has been reworked because Qt 4.6 made it too buggy), but rather cleaning and improvement of the building and release process in order to make it more comfortable. As a result, this version is available and working on Windows, Mac and Linux again.

The score calculation algorithm has also been reworked - the previous one was totally flawed and only based on the number of attempts/number of success ratio. The new one takes the last time the entry has been reviewed into account in order to tune its score.

A Dutch translation of the GUI has also been submitted by Jeroen Hoek - many thanks to him.

There are still a couple of imperfections to fix and 0.2.4 will finally be released. Then it will be time to work on more interesting features.

0.2.396 beta version released

A beta version of the upcoming 0.2.4 has been released for Linux and Windows (Mac binaries coming soon). Despite of the "beta" label, it should be safe to use by regular users. The features set includes everything that was planned for 0.2.4. Some shaping still needs to be done, but the purpose of this release is to get some feedback and confirmations that everything works as expected.

If you are interested in trying the future next release and don't mind encountering a couple of rough edges, please download this release, give it a try, and give some feedback either as a comment here or on the mailing list!